What kind of server is SantaiMC?

We are a Towny server with TONNES of contents not found in typical servers. PVP is enabled in the wild, while disabled in the Town and the spawn. 

Read more to learn about what SantaiMC has to offer:


  • Magic - Craft your wands and use magic, Fly with broomsticks
  • Cosmetics - Flex with various cosmetics and perks
  • Fishing Tournaments - Every 2 hours, our server will hold a fishing tournament. 1st place: earn $10,000 in game money, 2nd place: $7,500, and 3rd place: $3,000.
  • Quests - Earn in game money by doing quests. Do /quest to open all quests
  • The IKEA - Purchase special (cool) items and decorate your house with special furnitures
  • Custom Enchants - Enchant your weapons that broke the boundaries of vanilla MC. Type /e from the game to access the custom enchants menu
  • Ranks (Coming Soon) - Spend the ingame money to rank up and feel the sense of accomplishment by unlocking various perks
  • Board Games - Play 27 board games straight from SantaiMC. Access from /menu
  • Shop GUI  - Buy and Sell items, materials or food. To open, issue /shop in game
  • Bounties - Set bounties on your target so other people can hunt them.
  • Gravestones/Deathchest - Teleport to the location of your death by paying $2,000 in game money.
  • Crates - Gives you items that are normally uncraftable. Also grants you rewards for voting in https://minecraft.santai.tv/vote
  • Towny - Town System, PVP Protection, Grief Protection
  • Homes - Teleport to your home (you can set up to 2 homes. Issue /home to see all your home


Access the warps via /spawn or /menu.

  • Spawn
  • IKEA
  • Town Spawn
  • Home
  • Zombie Arena [NEW!]
  • PVP Arena


Custom enchanted items, wands and wings (cosmetics)

Learnable skills for the Wand. This is only Student level wand (Level 2). There are TONNES more as you progress your wand.

Flying with the broom, no perks needed, just jump into the game and craft one! it's free all for players.

Zombie Arena - PVP Area

Do quests and earn in game money

Furnitures available for Display so you know how it looks like. Access IKEA from the teleportation menu /spawn or /menu >> Teleport

Purchase special items from the IKEA. Click on the shop NPCs to purchase the items.

Weekly ship merchant - Trade with the merchant to earn more money

New year celebration

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Donation Goal

0.00 / 300.00 MYR (0%)

Our server runs on version 1.16.5. Please download the latest client to play.

Note: Forge clients are NOT supported. Please use a vanilla client.